Workforce Management by the numbers

How can Monet workforce management software help your call center?

Real-life numbers on the benefits of workforce management in contact centers are always easier to grasp when they come from real-life examples.

Verint Monet has done the hard work by putting this short video together on the numerous benefits our customers see in a few weeks after implementing our workforce management solution.

Let’s look at the numbers:

  • After two weeks, one customer has seen a 20% bump in adherence.
  • A customer now spends 20 hours less every week on agent schedules.
  • Shrinkage went down by 10-20 minutes per agent per day for a contact center.
  • One company saved $25,000 by eliminating the guess work.
  • Call volume spikes are no longer an issue for another customer.
  • Agent idle time has been cut by 62% for a customer.

These customers have one thing in common: their numbers are looking much better!

Do you want more real-life numbers on the benefits of workforce management? Check out our customer story page.

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