WFM Introduction

Verint Monet Workforce Management (WFM) Software Introduction

Verint Monet WFM - Designed for Usability, Sophistication and Best Price Performance in the Industry

Verint Monet WFM has been designed to provide the finest price performance option in the industry. We achieve this by designing Verint Monet WFM to be both sophisticated and user friendly. As you can see, we've incorporated a standard and familiar user interface helping workforce management professionals to rapidly learn and utilize the system. On the left hand side are the various modules that the workforce planner will use daily in order to forecast, schedule, and manage. Verint Monet WFM also provides the capability for real-time agent adherence.


This demonstration series is broken down into various segments that explain the different functions of the Verint Monet system, such as forecasting, scheduling, exception handling, intra-day management and dashboards. Please feel free to view those areas of interest to you. Thank you.


This video demo provides a short introduction to workforce management for contact centers and an overview of Verint Monet WFM with its key capabilities such as forecasting, scheduling, intra-day management, real-time adherence, exceptions handling and interactive dashboards.

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