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Build Accurate Forecasts And Schedules For More Efficient Case Management And Faster Case Resolution.

Monet Workforce Management for Salesforce represents a significant step for helpdesks wishing to optimize their internal organization and scheduling processes, while dramatically increasing customer satisfaction, customer experience, and service levels.

Helpdesks using Salesforce must manage a substantial number of cases, so it’s critical to always have the right number of agents at the right time, engaged in the right task. However, even with accurate schedules in place, helpdesks usually operate in the dark with limited visibility into general activity, leaving managers uncertain whether adherence levels are being met and cases are being handled efficiently.

This is because most Workforce Management systems are integrated only to the ACD, not to the case management tool.

Monet Workforce Management for Salesforce fills this gap by integrating to the Salesforce case management system, so that helpdesks can create accurate forecasts and schedules.

And because it’s cloud-based and delivered as a service, help desks using Salesforce can access secure web-based applications at a competitive cost with no large upfront investment.

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