Real-Time Adherence

Verint Monet WFM Real-Time Schedule Adherence Overview

Watch how to track key metrics throughout the day and quickly update required and assigned agents instantly, based on surpluses and shortages for each time period of the day with workforce management software from Verint Monet.

Easily Track and Monitor Schedule Adherence in your Call Center

Schedule adherence is still one of the top challenges for many call centers and cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in unproductive time and missed service levels. Verint Monet WFM scheduling software solves this challenge for you! We have helped many companies dramatically improve adherence levels with our advanced real-time schedule adherence solution. Verint Monet WFM allows you to easily track and monitor adherence and then, when needed, adjust forecasts and schedules accordingly—all from a central dashboard and with a few mouse-clicks. So, let's take a look:


Verint Monet WFM continuously monitors and records the status of your agents. On this screen, you can see the agent’s states in real time – it changes based upon what they are currently doing. The agents are listed on the left and their current scheduled activity is shown in the "Scheduled" column. The actual status is shown in the "Status" column. The "time" column shows how long they have remained in that status.


You can also set filters to narrow down your view. You can search by Work Group, Skill Team, or Employee Team. In addition, you can only show agents that are out of adherence, or show all of the agents. The real time adherence page refreshes every 30, 45, or 60 seconds based on the settings you chose. If the agents's name appears in black, it means they are currently performing their scheduled task. Any agent that is out of adherence will be highlighted in red, so you can quickly identify the agents that are not adhering to their schedule and take action. For example, if you have Verint Monet WFO, our tightly integrated Workforce Optimization suite, you can even start listening or recording calls right from here when you notice an adherence issue.


A portion of the day's scheduled activities is shown on the right, so that workforce managers can quickly preview the agent's upcoming scheduled activities.


Easily and Quickly Configure Adherence Tracking to your Unique Call Center

Now, let's take a look how Verint Monet WFM can be easily configured based on your unique business needs and agent states. Actually, Verint Monet 's Advanced Schedule Adherence allows you to set up any custom states, so that you can track any agent states and task that are important for your call center operations. Here is how: To set up your ACD state mapping, click "setup" and then "ACD State Mapping". Here you can decide which behaviors are in and out of adherence. You can create as many different states as you need in Monet. To create a state, click "add row", give the new state a name, for example, "coffee break". You can color code your states for better organization. This checkbox will determine if the state is considered as handling calls, and below you can give a maximum number of seconds for that state- in this case, 120 seconds- before they are considered out of adherence, this is particularly useful for stretch or bathroom breaks.


You can set up rules for all of your states. To do so, click the Adherence Rules tab. For each scheduled activity in the call center, you can decide what are allowed statuses or rules. For example, when your agents are on break, you can set a few allowed statuses so that when the agents select those statuses, they are not considered out of adherence. You can add or remove statues by selecting them and moving them over to the right. In this example, if they are on break, logged out, or still on a customer call that is running into their break, they would not be considered out of adherence.


Real-Time Dashboards are Complemented by Comprehensive Reporting Capabilities

In addition to the real-time monitoring dashboard, there are several reports that show how effectively the agents are adhering to their schedules. The individual transaction report will show details of each out of adherence event for each agent.


For example, the Agent Adherence report shows the number of scheduled minutes, the number of minutes out of adherence, and the percentage of time adherence for each of the agents. You can also see a summary report which will show overall out of adherence data for your agents. Verint Monet's real-time schedule adherence provides integration adaptors for all leading ACD/PBX vendors. These adaptors make the set up very easy and fast.


Verint Monet's powerful real-time adherence function gives managers the tools they need to quickly discern which agents are on schedule with their actual planned activities. This simple but important real-time information provides the necessary insights to reduce shrinkage and increase your center's production and performance.


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