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Call Center metrics, dashboards, KPI and alerts in action with Monet Metrics

Monet's business intelligence module, Monet Metrics provides a graphical dashboard for display and interpretation of key performance indicators (KPIs). Alerts can be configured to be sent by email to managers that are busy handling day to day operation of the center.


Call Center Performance Management, KPIs, Goals and Alerts with Monet Metrics - Transcript

Monet Metrics – Transform call center management from reactive to proactive

Measuring your call center's performance is critical to better align your resources, processes, and people to reach the business goals of your call center. Monet Metrics can help transform your call center management from a reactive to a more proactive approach. Since as much as 70% of a call center's budgets are related to staffing, even a slight improvement in agent performance can have a big impact on over-all call center performance and cost management.


Monet Metrics performance management software provides easy access to a unified view of key performance metrics. It allows you to quickly adjust center operations resulting in better decision making, better utilization of resources, better cost management and improved service levels.


Let's take a look:

On your Monet Metrics screen, you can look at metrics from any Group Level, Skill Team, Agent, Supervisor, and more. You can break your metrics down by time period, from Daily to Yearly intervals. You can select all the goal statuses, Red, Yellow and Green; or just a single one. You will see Gauges for your Calls Abandoned Rating and Calls Answered. You can set your own particular thresholds for your gauges. Below you can view a table of your data, broken down by parameters you set, in this instance, Groups. You can see the data set against your set parameters.


On the Answer Stats Tab, you can see the metrics for your calls. Here I am going to select Agents and all of the agents in a Group. Gauges for agent Average Call Wrap-Up and Average Talk Time will appear on the right, along with a Call Time Analysis on the left. On the bottom, you can see the metrics for your Individual Agents.


Call center service level and schedule adherence management made easy

The next page looks at your Service Levels. For anything you report on, you can set a target service level. You can set Target Goals for a specific time from Daily to Yearly, and measure your service against those targets, and have the system generate Real-Time Alerts in the form of emails advising you throughout the day of whether you are meeting any of these goals. You can view the Schedule Adherence information for your agents. On the right, you can see a graphical representation of your agents both In or Out of Adherence, based upon your own defined activities considered In Adherence and Out of Adherence. All the statuses are measured against your own preset targets.


Monet Metrics performance management software also allows you to see your Staffing Data to see information about your call center’s staffing. The Forecast Accuracy allows you to see how accurate your staff forecasting has been. You can see your Labor Costs to ensure you will remain within your budget.


Call center dashboards, alerts and key performance indicators (KPI) in real-time

And lastly, your Real-Time Pulse will allow you to see your most important metrics in a single dashboard that updates in real time. Here you can see key metrics for over-all Answered and Abandoned calls and Service Levels. You can view the data by different Resource Workgroup, Skill or Agent; and you can drill down on many data elements for a more granular look.


Monet Metrics real time alerts and call center dashboards provide critical performance data at any time, and allow you to quickly adjust parameters such as Forecast, Schedules, and Staffing, or automatically trigger other events to have immediate impact.


Monet's affordable real-time Metrics Dashboard can help your organization improve service levels; reduce costs, and lower agent turn-over.

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