Intraday Management

Intraday Management

Watch how to track key metrics throughout the day and quickly update required and assigned agents instantly, based on surpluses and shortages for each time period of the day with intraday management software for call centers from Verint Monet.

Intraday management of contact center workforce with Verint Monet Workforce Management (WFM)

Easily compare planned and actual call activities in real-time

Within the managing module of the Verint Monet WFM system there is an intraday option that displays up to the minute information on forecast versus actual activities happening within your contact center. As you can see it actually compares many key performance indicators within your center.


Shown here are actual versus forecast for calls, handle time and service levels. Through Verint Monet solutions' integration with your ACD these statistics are updated continuously throughout the day. Also shown to the right is the current required number of agents verse the actual number of agents working. An impressive feature of this dashboard is the ability to calculate an up to the minute cumulative ratio which calculates and displays any trends going on in the center.


Quickly adjust forecast and schedule throughout the day to handle unexpected events in your call center

Based on these trends, the supervisor has the option to adjust the forecast accordingly moving forward. By comparing actual call history for a particular time within the current day the supervisor can see that calls are running about 19% above predicted. If you expect the trend to continue and would like to you can click on the modify forecast button so that from 11 to 3 pm the system will now adjust the forecast applying the actual trends for the day and work times. Once completed new agent requirements would be displayed allowing for proactive changes to the current days schedule to accommodate sudden changes in call volume and call handle times.

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