Interactive Dashboards

Interactive Dashboards To Help You Manage Your Contact Center in Real Time

Watch how Verint Monet WFM’s interactive and real time monitoring dashboards give call center managers and supervisors the ability to view the day, drag and drop breaks, lunches and other updates to schedules and staffing in real time.

Interactive dashboards with Verint Monet WFM - Transcript

The first dashboard I want to check to see how my day is going, is Pulse. I can get a real time overview of how my entire contact center is doing or drill down on individual skills or queues. I have the important key performance indicators color coded. Although this information updates every 15 minutes, I don’t have to keep the dashboard up all day. I have scheduled an email to automatically alert my management team when any of our KPIs get in the yellow range.

So why am I not meeting all of my KPIs today? To find out, I head to my Intraday dashboard.


My Intraday Dashboard lets me compare what I forecasted to what is happening today. I see my forecasted call and task volume is higher than I expected. My average handle time is also running a little higher too.

To get a better visual on the peaks and valleys, I click on some line graph charts and get the necessary information to make some decisions on whether to reforecast and reoptimize my schedules for the day.


Before I make any decisions on changing any schedules, I also want to see how well my agents are doing at their adherence. My RTA screen gives a real time snapshot of what my agents are doing right now. I can drill down by different teams, or just look at the agents who are currently not following their schedules.


And what about their adherence overall so far today?


I can go back to the Pulse screen and this time, rather than focusing on my center as a whole, I change a few settings and my Pulse screen now becomes an Agent Performance Dashboard.


By using Verint Monet interactive workforce management dashboards, managing all my service levels and goals for the day, is as easy as a few clicks. Thank you for joining me for this closer look at Verint Monet.


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