Exception Planning

How to Manage Schedule Exceptions in your Call Center with Verint Monet WFM

See how Verint Monet Workforce Management with its integrated exception calendar simplifies scheduling of agent exceptions such as time off and one-time or recurring training meetings for contact centers.

Schedule exception handling with Verint Monet WFM - Transcript

Integrated Call Center Schedule Exceptions Calendar

In order to effectively manage the daily agent exceptions to schedules, within the intraday option in Verint Monet WFM is the Exception tab. This is where the call center scheduling manager uses a running total for noting the daily exceptions. Displayed here are two exceptions.


In the first example the agent called in and said that they would be an hour later to their scheduled start time because of auto trouble. This was noted using both the time he was going to be delayed as well as the reason and an exception code. In the second example this agent called in and said they were not going to be available at all because they were sick. So as you can see, today's exception tab becomes a running total of the exceptions for today. And in each case adjustments are made to both the current requirements and the current assigned columns for the agents.


Easily Track and React to Exceptions to Meet Services Levels

In this way managers can keep track, react and accurately report on their ability to meet service levels based on any exceptions that happen throughout the day. Now, let's take a look at the graphical schedule of call center activities and how managers and supervisors can quickly view and adjust schedules with simple drag-and-drop.

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