Efficient Staffing & Scheduling

Efficient Staffing & Scheduling

See how Verint Monet’s advanced staffing & scheduling software incorporates all call types and other activities to generate staffing schedules that optimize a wide range of factors – agent availability, expected call volume, service level goals and center budget.

Call Center Staffing and Scheduling with Verint Monet WFM

Achieve Optimized Schedules by Including All Agent Activities

Making sure breaks and lunches are placed correctly within agent schedules has always been a tedious and drawn out task. Verint Monet’s call center scheduling software automatically factors in breaks and lunches while observing service level goals in order to generate an optimized schedule.


Select the Generate Schedule option and fill in the day range that you wish to schedule. Verint Monet then works through a range of shift profiles. Within the shift profiles are various shift lunches and breaks. An unlimited number of shift profiles can be created. In this case you may have various shift profiles for holidays, normal, optimized and weekend shift patterns.


Automated Contact Center Scheduling with a Mouse-Click

Once the supervisor does choose the shift profile to use, you press "GO" and Verint Monet then will go through that shift profile and automatically select and present the optimal shift patterns to meet the required needs and demands at the lowest cost to the contact center. As can be seen here, the various shifts are now displayed with start time and ending time. Breaks and lunches are automatically inserted into the schedule. In addition, an initial cost of this shift is also shown which can be later displayed and printed to show the entire cost to the center to staff that particular schedule.


In order to verify the particular accuracy of the schedule, you can view the required versus scheduled graph. In this graph, you can instantly see in the blue what has been scheduled over what was required. In this case, you can see that the scheduled shifts very closely match the exact needs that were determined in the forecasting module. At any time, the supervisor is able to return to modify, add or delete shifts to suit individual needs.

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