Customer Success: The Human Services Agency of San Francisco


The Human Services Agency of San Francisco, California is comprised of a number of critical programs that the city’s residents rely on every day. These include help with food, health insurance, supportive care, financial assistance, child care, and more. Two programs run by the agency, CalFresh and Medi-Cal, combined their contact centers, which created scheduling challenges. Up to that point, both programs were using spreadsheets, which were not sufficient. Even worse, 75 percent of CalFresh and Medi-Cal employees (who did not work the phones) were monitored with separate spreadsheets. The contact centers were able to determine how groups and agents could be moved to assure sufficient coverage, but the process was very manual, disorganized, tedious, and time-consuming. Thus, an effective scheduling tool became a priority.

The challenge was finding a solution that would improve the quality and efficiency of forecasting and scheduling, while also supporting the unique organizational structure of The Human Services Agency of San Francisco. “We have often faced situations where we purchased tools designed for private sector operations, and these tended to be a lot simpler,” Ferreira explained. “Our systems are very complex and require a lot more customization, so I was looking for a solution where that would not be an issue.”


Once the process was complete, The Human Services Agency of San Francisco chose software from Verint Monet Workforce Management. Today, The Human Services Agency of San Francisco is staffed with over 500 contact center agents using Verint Monet Workforce Management to improve forecasting and scheduling.


Since The Human Services Agency of San Francisco builds contact center schedules out several months in advance, it needed to accurately account for resources and determine the number of hours employees spend in training, meetings, overtime, calling out sick, etc.

The implementation of Verint Monet Workforce Management in the cloud has brought The Human Services Agency of San Francisco more visibility, accuracy, and transparency on the agents’ schedules. When employees take vacation or sick days, Verint Monet Workforce Management makes it easy to immediately and automatically shift schedules to close the coverage gaps.

Following the selection of Verint Monet Workforce Management, Ferreira says The Human Services Agency of San Francisco has experienced “total improvement.” Schedules are built out months in advance, so employees (and their supervisors) always know when they have meetings, when they should be in training, and what they should be doing each day.

The solution is also very useful in calculating shrinkage and planning forecasts and schedules to respond to the needs of the customer base.

“In this type of environment, there are so many different things that might happen in a given day. The value of Verint Monet Workforce Management for us is the transparency it provides — everyone knows what everyone is doing,” said Taninha Ferreira, Systems and Data Operations Manager at The Human Services Agency of San Francisco

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