Customer Success: Club Med


Club Med specializes in all-inclusive holidays at over 60 resorts around the world.

Club Med relied on spreadsheets for scheduling agents and forecasting, which was extremely time-consuming and not reliable.

They utilized a home base program for their contact center agents who wanted to see their schedules, meaning schedules were printed and distributed every week to approximately 100 agents in three different sites (Portugal, Canada, and the United States), including their sales, service, and back office teams. It could take up to three weeks to complete their schedules.

Club Med Significantly Reduces Abandon Rate and Improves Service Levels with Verint Monet Solution- Success Story.


Solution & Benefits

Verint Monet Workforce Management was implemented at Club Med and they've found the solution easy to use and navigate.

With Verint Monet Workforce Management in place, Club Med significantly improved its abandon rate. In 2016 the abandon rate was 28%; with the help of Verint Monet, it dropped to 5%, thus meeting Club Med’s established goal. Since then, the abandon rate has been maintained at this number.

Club Med service levels improved by 6% and they saw an improved conversion rate. Since the conversion rate increased, more calls led to a transaction.

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