Customer Success: College Hunks Hailing Junk and Moving

College Hunks Hauling Junk Boosts Schedule Efficiency, Lowers Call Spikes and Improves Agent Morale with Verint Monet Software

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Based in Tampa, Florida, College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving (CHHJ) is the only national moving company that offers residential and commercial moving, junk removal, donation pickups and moving labor services through more than 100 franchise locations across the United States and Canada. For more than ten years, the company has helped customers transitioning through a life-changing event, or those that just need a quick and efficient service visit. College Hunks Hauling Junk prides itself on 100% client satisfaction from start to finish. And that effort begins at the call center.

The Opportunity and Challenge

In the beginning, the company relied on Excel spreadsheets for scheduling, bolstered by personal knowledge of typical call trends. It collected historical call volume data and used that as a guide to determine which weeks and months were more likely to be busy. However, this method made it difficult to forecast organic and new business call volume growth.

In addition, the company struggled to gain insight into and manage agent adherence. Schedule creation was also a time-consuming process and tracking agent requests presented another problem.

As a result, College Hunks Hauling Junk recognized the need for a solution that would provide a historical database of call volumes, as well as automating the assignment of agent shifts, and delivering an agent portal for schedule requests and easy-to-understand reporting.

Solution Selection

The quest for a better forecasting and scheduling solution began when the company reached the 50-agent mark. Tim Heidemann, the Director of the Customer Loyalty Center, had prior experience with several other workforce management (WFM) products. One of them was a dial-in system that he used to run their schedules from and the other was a higher end enterprise system.

Neither of those options seemed like the right fit for this contact center, so Tim reached out to contacts he had in the industry and did his own online research. Verint Monet Software was one of the names that consistently came up, and when he saw that user satisfaction was high from existing Verint Monet users, he requested a demonstration.

Over the next six months, CHHJ also evaluated several products based on reputation, price, and the ability to interface with their phone system and grow with the business in the years to come.

They wanted a system that would deliver a solid schedule and that had an easy to access interface for the agents. At the price point, Verint Monet seemed to be the best solution with one of the more competitive. Based on these criteria, Verint Monet Software was selected.


In this customer service success story, once the Verint Monet Software solution was implemented, the administrative time needed to develop agent schedules dropped by 70%. Call spikes were better managed, which helped to lower the call abandon rate from 8-10% to less than 5%.

The company was also able to more consistently meet its service level objectives because of the real-time insight into daily activities provided by the system. That boosted agent morale as now requests could be handled more quickly, and schedules could be generated as much as two weeks in advance.

Other important functions, such as callbacks to web leads and agent chat, were also managed more effectively through the Verint Monet Software system.

“I’m very satisfied with Monet; I’m happy with the support I received and the product is living up to my expectations,” said Tim Heidemann, Director of the Customer Loyalty Center .

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