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How to Staff your Call Center More Effectively with Monet WFM

Monet's agent and call forecasting is the initial step of the Monet workforce management system.

Call Center Staffing and Roster with Monet WFM - Transcript

Shown here is a completed roster for August 28. Creating and building a daily or weekly roster is the final step in creating a workforce schedule. This step assigns agents to schedules according to agent availability, agent preferences, and agent work rules.

Manage Agent Resources to Cover Important Non-Call Activities

Several other areas can now be displayed. The non-call roster shows within the normal daily routing during non-peak hours certain skilled agents will be pulled off their phone duties to handle both emails and other non-call activities that were set up earlier. You can also view unassigned agents. This is a list of agents that were not scheduled for the day. As you can see some have vacation days, and others just did not have a shift available for that day.

Call Center Agent Assignment Made Easy

Monet also allows you to dynamically un-assign agents or swap agents. To do that, you highlight the individual, click the option that you would like to do, in this case un-assign or assign. If you are un-assigning an agent that slot would become vacant. In order to assign another agent, all you do is you look at the agents that were not assigned for that day, highlight one of them, and then click assign. Monet also allows you to do unlimited changes within the roster - you can rerun it, or copy it to other days. Using this allows the manager or supervisor flexibility within their daily schedule.

The next video shows you how to do intra-day management of your workforce, and how to modify forecast and schedules based on certain events.

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