Research First

Ready to take your quality management efforts to the next level? Great! Obviously, this is an investment you only want to make once, so here are five questions to ask when researching WFM software that will help you get it right the first time.

1. Will this system record all of our calls?

For many years, selective call recording has been deemed sufficient for determining if agents are performing up to expectations, and wether customers are getting the service they need. But contact centers rise and fall on data, and today’s top quality management solutions can record every call so you get a true picture of how your business is performing. And with every call recorded, you can use the software to analyze the data for patterns (call wait time, content, issue resolution, etc.).

2. Will the solution be easy to install?

Concerns over implementation and ease of use have kept too many contact centers from acquiring the technology solutions they need. But there are quality management solutions that will ease the transition from any previous technology, allow for easy customization as needed, and generate reports that provide the necessary data in a clear and concise manner. The objective is a minimal transition period for your personnel.

3. Is there an easy way to find the data we need?

Every quality management solution will collect data – but what if you need to analyze all the calls about one specific product, or all of the calls from one particular customer demographic? The data stored on call monitoring software won’t be as useful if it takes forever to find. Effective call recording also means effective call retrieval from the server to the system, from any location. Deleting calls and adding comments to records should also be an efficient process.

4. Will the solution grow with our business?

Technology upgrades are beneficial. Repeatedly upgrading the same technology to keep up with your contact center’s needs is not. Call recording software should have the flexibility to grow with your business. Review all features listings and compare them with the features most important to your call center.

5. Will our data be protected?

Call monitoring introduces a number of internal and external security issues. Effective call recording should always be safe, and  implemented with the proper restrictions regarding employee access. Make sure data collected is secure, encrypted if necessary and protected from hackers and other threats.