Real-Time Call Center Management

There was a time when “real-time management” simply wasn’t possible for any company with more than a handful of employees. Today, it is not just a goal but a necessity for most industries, as described in Brad Cleveland’s new book, Call Center Management on Fast Forward. You can read more about his book and the article on ICMI’s blog. The article describes a scenario where real-time management was utilized by an airline to get passengers loaded and a plane in the air ahead of an incoming storm.

Real-time call center dashboard by Monet Software
Real-Time Call Center Dashboard

 [more]While call centers may not have to face that particular challenge, it’s also true that incoming storms can take many forms, such as when a forecast doesn’t match actual call volume. With Workforce Optimization (WFO) software, it’s possible to adjust forecasts and schedules in real time, while also receiving real-time alerts of key metrics, and dashboard monitoring of key activities. 
Call monitoring? That starts real-time as well with WFO, so you won’t miss a moment of the calls you’ll eventually use for training and agent reviews. However, as Brad Cleveland describes, real-time management also relies on execution, once decisions are made on what needs to be done. Without this component, service levels and response times may not be as sufficient as necessary. Bottom line? Don’t panic. With the capabilities made possible by Workforce Optimization, you have the tools you need to keep your call center running at peak efficiency. Just make sure that managers, supervisors and agents are prepared to carry out any schedule adjustments in a way that does not disrupt service. To learn more and see a real-time call center dashboard in action click the link to watch a video.