Quantitative and Qualitative Call Center Performance Metrics

Call Center Agent Performance Metrics & Tools are divided into qualitative and quantitative categories. Taken together, they form a complete picture of the call center’s day-to-day performance – what’s going right, and what needs attention. It is critical for a call center to establish specific performance goals, and manage both qualitative and quantitative performance. 

Qualitative Metrics: Qualitative metrics are those that focus on how call center personnel interact with customers. These include the agent’s knowledge of the company and its products and services, their adherence to call scripts from greeting to closing, resolving issues with one call, and overall communication skills and courtesy. Lapses in any of these areas can result in frustrated customers and lost sales. See how a call recording system can help you with qualitative call analysis.

Quantitative Metrics: Quantitative metrics can be used to assess a call center agent’s skills through such performance indicators as average call handle time, schedule adherence, conversion rate, transfer rate and on-hold rate. See how a performance management solution can help you view and analyze quantitative data in real-time.

The Tools You Need to Succeed: The information necessary to track and manage all of these metrics and agent performance can be found through workforce management, call recording, call scoring and quality monitoring. Call recording data provides insight into the skills of individual agents, adherence to best practices and overall quality of performance. Scoring calls requires the establishment of quality standards, and a means to gauge how well they are being met. Performance management, based on a sound plan, relies upon forecasting, scheduling, cost and adherence metrics that allow managers to monitor progress and make adjustments as needed to further enhance customer service. Combining all these capabilities in a unified workforce optimization solution, including workforce management, call recording, quality assurance and performance management, lets you combine qualitative and quantitative metrics into one view, providing you new call center insights that you did not have before.