Quality Monitoring: A New Contact Center Coaching Strategy

There are many different methods of coaching contact center agents and, as you may have already discovered, some are more effective than others.

Using a coaching session only to point out what an agent is doing wrong may eventually generate better results, but it might not be the most efficient way to get the most from that particular agent. Coaching should be more than training – it should, at its best, also provide encouragement and build an agent’s confidence.

If you don’t believe you are maximizing the impact of your coaching, perhaps it’s time for a change of tactics.

One method that has proven successful at some contact centers starts with recognizing what an agent is doing right, and praising the agent for outstanding performance on these particular traits.

The coach begins by playing a recorded call, and then asking the agent for his or her feedback. It is human nature in these situations for most of us to focus on the negative – “I missed an upsell opportunity,” “I could have explained that policy better,” etc.

If this happens, the coach should respond by asking, “Which parts of that engagement are you most happy about?” In most cases, the conclusion will be that the agent did many more things correctly that incorrectly on that call. By acknowledging this, it creates a more positive atmosphere, and boosts the confidence of that agent in their performance.

Once this has been achieved, the agent will be more receptive to discussing any issues and how these problems can be addressed. It will also elicit less stressful reactions to scheduling coaching sessions.

Try it – and let us know how it works.