Screen Capture

Call Center Quality Monitoring with Screen Capture

Our call monitoring solution with screen capture software shows you how effectively your agents use your customer-facing applications when helping customers.

Call Recording and Screen Capturing for Complete Quality Assurance

Do you really know how your agents use your CRM and customer facing application to serve customers? Are they using it the most effective way? Verint Monet Screen Capture is a powerful and easy to use platform to capture and playback synchronized voice & video of your agent’s interactions.

Easily capture and retrieve full-motion video and audio

Managers can view the entire customer interaction, synced with the telephone audio, providing insight into the flow of business systems and processes. Video recordings can easily be retrieved through searches by multiple criteria, such as date, user, etc. Managers can also review the video/audio recordings together with the agent, highlighting actual examples from the call to illustrate key learning points.

Automated capturing for liability protection, compliance & quality assurance

Verint Monet Screen Capture automatically captures and securely stores video and audio transactions to protect data and comply with legal, security & company regulations and policies. Easy set up of parameters let’s you record all or only selected calls. It helps contact centers minimize risk & liability, ensure compliance, and control costs from sales, service, claims, collections and other business disputes.

Secure access rights, multi-site support and export capabilities

Administrators can assign permissions to managers for monitoring, screenshot recording, video, playback and reporting on individual employees and groups. Users with appropriate access rights can also export synchronized screen and audio recording as standards based mpeg4 or avi files. Verint Monet Screen Capture is also ideal for better monitoring and managing remote and home-based agents. Since it is a web-based solution, the setup is simple and fast.

Verint Monet call monitoring solution with screen capture software extends the recording capabilities of Verint Monet Record to a comprehensive quality monitoring and management system. Easily identify patterns and analyze metrics at various levels for training and quality assurance purpose and establish quality standards and best practices.

Contact us to learn more and see Verint Screen Capture in action.

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