VOIP Call Recording Software for Call Centers

Experience the advantages of VOIP call recorder systems

Voice Over IP (VoIP) ranks among the fastest-growing technology solutions at contact centers. VOIP is short for “Voice Over Internet Protocol,” and refers to the hardware and software that enables call recording centers to use the Internet as the transmission medium for telephone calls. It provides many advantages over conventional telephony technologies. When VOIP call recording was first introduced, it was utilized almost exclusively by the largest corporations and call centers. However, as technology has improved with the introduction of cloud-based solutions, and costs have decreased, VOIP recording software is now an affordable business application for call centers of every size. Here is why:

  • Easy implementation: The addition of or transition to cloud-based VOIP call recording can be implemented quickly and easily, especially compared to the original installation of a PBX call recording solution.
  • Lower cost: A VOIP recorder can save as much as 50% over a PBX recording system based on initial investment and ongoing maintenance costs.
  • Centralized deployment: With a VOIP recording deployment, the cost of adding remote sites is minimal, helping to easily support virtual call centers and home agents.
  • Scalability: Cloud-based VOIP recording software is easily scalable, unlike PBX systems that are limited by the installed servers.
  • Easy maintenance: VOIP call recording is easily managed via point and click software.

To learn more about Monet Record’s VOIP capabilities, please watch a demo or download our call recording software brochure.

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