Call Recording Software Improves Call Center Quality

Get a flexible cloud based call recording solution with comprehensive VOIP call recording capabilities.

Great customer service with VOIP Call Recording and Monitoring

Improving call center quality and customer satisfaction is essential to improve your interaction with customers, to comply with regulations and internal policies, mitigate risk of litigation, monitor quality of service, and leverage recorded calls to gain business insight. Monet Record provides an easy way to capture, monitor, store and manage customer interactions to improve your customer service, as well as ensuring regulatory compliance.

Automated recording with easy discovery for liability protection, compliance & quality assurance

Easy set up of recording parameters and rapid access to call recordings with associated data and reports. A security model protects from unauthorized access.

Gain deep insights into customer interaction and call quality

Get deep insights into customer interactions by monitoring live calls and by quickly navigating among recordings to locate critical calls. Easily identify patterns and analyze metrics at various levels.

Ensure PCI Compliance and Privacy

Get multiple security options such as Pause and Resume or Mute to help your organization achieve PCI compliance and ensure privacy.

Quickly improve customer service quality and customer satisfaction

Easily monitor and improve customer service quality, quickly locate call recordings for training and quality assurance purpose and establish quality standards and best practices.

Get a flexible recording solution with comprehensive VOIP capabilities

The open standard based call recording software platform makes it easy and fast to reconfigure due to changes in regulations, new business needs and advancements in technologies. VOIP recorder systems for call centers are considered the next generation of call center technology and deliver advantages and benefits that conventional systems cannot provide.

To learn more about Verint Monet Record please watch a demo or review the list of call recording software capabilities.

Verint Monet’s call center workforce management software is cloud-based and delivered as a service, avoiding a large upfront investment and painful hardware and software implementation. This model allows you to get started with just Verint Monet Record or get the whole integrated suite of Verint Monet Software. Get started today.

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