Quality Management in 2019

Do people still make New Year’s resolutions? It’s an opportunity to take advantage of the fresh start every New Year brings, and to achieve a personal goal (more exercise) or a professional one (be nicer to an annoying coworker).

At the contact center, this is a chance to focus on priorities, and think about better ways to serve your customers with a call center quality management plan for 2019.

“A renewed focus on quality management” should be on a lot of resolution lists this year.

The ways that contact centers engage with customers have changed with the emergence of mobile devices and omni-channel options. What hasn’t changed is the demand for prompt and efficient service, regardless of communication channel.

A quality management program offers a way to take a closer look at what a contact center is doing right, and where improvement is needed. The sooner issues can be identified, the sooner they can be solved.

Are you making the most of the data you’ve collected? With a workforce optimization solution you have access to a wealth of insightful information on contact center performance. Are you making use of all of it?

Are you getting the small things right?

Little issues in service eventually result in big problems. Use quality management to make sure that best practices are being maintained in every aspect of the call from the greeting to the final ‘click’.

Do you have the right software solution in place?

Monet Quality – Quality Management in the Cloud makes it easier to evaluate agent performance and skills, achieve higher customer satisfaction through improved customer service, and increase staff productivity through improved call handling. Plus, it’s easy to set up, affordable to implement and delivers proven results. If you add a call center quality management plan for 2019 to your New Year’s resolution list, the rest of your quality management challenges will be much easier to achieve.

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