Quality Management

Now you can monitor customer interactions to consistently deliver great service, improve call center quality and customer satisfaction.

We Help You Deliver a Great Customer Experience

Quality assurance, monitoring and management with screen capturing help you ensure outstanding customer service and high customer satisfaction. Monet Quality and Monet Screen Capture provide an easy way to improve agent effectiveness and optimize call center processes through a range of capabilities, such as call assessment and playback, call quality scorecards, quality monitoring, screen capturing, an evaluation questionnaire and detailed reporting.

Easily evaluate agent performance and get data to better manage service delivery

Easily monitor your customer interactions and use data intelligence to make better decisions on service delivery and quality.

Ensure adherence to corporate procedures and quality standards

Establish a fully integrated quality assurance and improvement process with analytics, best practices and a variety of tools for training and coaching.

Create evaluation questionnaires for deeper insights into customer interactions

Assess calls based on the perspective of customers and discover trends, opportunities and issues that might lead to longer calls, repeat calls, or other problems that impact service quality and productivity.

Automated screen capturing for liability protection, compliance & quality assurance

Monet Screen Capture automatically captures and securely stores video and audio transactions to minimize risk & liability, ensure compliance, and control costs from sales, service, claims, collections and other business disputes.

To learn more about quality management programs and how to apply a more strategic approach, please download our new whitepaper 7 Strategies for More Effective Quality Assurance in your Call Center.

Monet’s call center call monitoring and workforce optimization software is cloud-based and delivered as a service, avoiding a large upfront investment and painful hardware and software implementation. This model allows you to get started with just Monet Quality or get the whole integrated suite of Monet. Get started today.