Quality Assurance Management in Your Call Center

While the economy continues to improve, it is still important for call centers to seek out low cost and low risk ways to streamline processes and spend less, while continuing to provide a high level of customer service.

Quality assurance (QA) can be a significant part of a call center workforce management strategy to build the most efficient and cost-effective performance standards into day-to-day operations. Setting these standards and meeting them is made easier by a workforce management solution that incorporates quality assurance metrics. However, quality assurance cannot be achieved with a one-size-fits-all approach. Different call centers have different rules and goals for agent adherence, productivity, cost controls and customer service. The preventive actions initiated to address quality assurance are bound to vary from business to business. Too often, the need for quality assurance gets lost in the day-to-day responsibilities of managers and agents. There are additional challenges as well, from systems that are not unified to differing opinions on what constitutes quality standards. For those seeking a helpful guide to creating and maintaining a quality assurance program, Monet has created a white paper called Seven Strategies for Effective Quality Assurance In your Call Center. Here you’ll find helpful information on how to approach the QA quandary, learn about important elements to formulate a strategic approach and see how workforce management software can automate and expedite the quality management process.