Quality Assurance in Call Monitoring

In previous blogs we’ve offered several reasons why software for call recording can help improve the efficiency of a call center. Another reason, possibly the most critical, is the difference a call recorder program can make in quality assurance.

Random Call Monitoring
Without call recording software, it is still possible to monitor each employee’s performance, but that would require a supervisor physically monitoring the conversation. However, most employees will not perform their duties the same way when a supervisor is sitting next to them. They will either be nervous and perform worse than expected, or will give a “by-the-book” effort that might be less accurate when the supervisor is not around.

Call recording software allows for random call monitoring, so the employee will never know which of his calls are reviewed. Supervisors thus gain a window on the entire operation and are assured of reviewing a typical encounter between agent and customer.

The Need for Speed
In addition to improving agent performance, the use of a call recorder system can also help to reduce customer hold time and call time, and identify recurring call topics, which can perhaps then be addressed by the company before additional calls becomes necessary.

Protracted calls, most of which are dispute-based and fueled by anger, are a challenge for even experienced call center personnel. Call monitoring can assist in training agents on how to handle these situations in a more efficient manner. Proper coaching and training that results in improved customer service helps agents to recognize that call recording software can make their job easier, and is not merely a “Big Brother” presence waiting to catch them in a mistake.

Call centers are service-based businesses. Call monitoring is the best way to assure that customer service standards are met.