Planning Contact Center PTO (Paid Time Off) Made Easy

At the contact center, as in several other types of companies, PTO stands for paid time off, and for your agents they are three of the happiest letters in the alphabet.

For managers, however, they are three letters that can induce headaches, as well as conflicts and scheduling issues that can impact customer service.

It’s the manager’s job to make every minute count in the contact center, and that’s a challenge when dealing with different schedules and constantly evolving exceptions. That makes PTO requests even more difficult, even if they are presented a week or more in advance.

A workforce management (WFM) system can streamline the processes related to PTO, and take some of the pressure off both managers and agents.

When WFM (as with the system provided by Monet) is used to plan and track PTO accruals, it automatically enters the necessary information into the contact center’s schedule and staffing roster. It is also possible to integrate the WFM system into the company’s human resources system to track and manage all related data.

Once the system is in place and procedures are established, WFM can also allow agents to schedule their own PTO. Result? Happier agents.

If PTO is still an issue at your contact center, contact us to find out how you can make time-off planning less difficult – and perhaps even fun.