Performance Metrics and Agent Incentives

Incentives for call center agents are great – every employee likes to feel appreciated – but do you have the metrics to determine which agents are most deserving of special recognition?

If not, the good intentions of an incentive program can backfire, as deserving agents are unintentionally overlooked.

A workforce management solution delivers the performance metrics that are most pivotal to a call center’s customer service effort. Many of these are determined by agent performance. It’s a good idea to track them not only as they relate to agent incentives, but to overall performance efficiency and customer satisfaction. These metrics include:

Average Handle Time (AHT)

The transaction time from the customer’s initiation of the call.

Average Talk Time (ATT)

Which agents are better able to bring a call to a satisfactory conclusion in a reasonable time?

Average Speed of Answer (ASA)

This metric also has a direct impact on the number of abandoned calls, all of which represent potential missed sales or customer support opportunities.

After Call Work (ACW)

Often misinterpreted as non-productive time, ACW should be measured as a percentage of total handle time and adjusted accordingly.

Performance metrics help to easily, quickly and fairly calculate performance for each agent to use as a basis for incentives. With this data, managers will always know that rewards are going to those most deserving. To learn more, watch this contact center performance metrics video.