Turn your call center performance goals into measurable results

Many call centers lack the means to measure and track their key performance indicators (KPI) necessary to improve forecasting, staffing, scheduling and adherence. Monet Software call center performance metrics set a new standard by transforming call center performance management from a reactive to a proactive approach. Scorecards, key performance indicators, real-time alerts, agent analytics, dashboards, and customizable reports deliver a constant stream of intelligence helping you take the right action to better meet your business goals now and in the future.

Call center dashboards, Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and real-time alerts

Get easy access to a unified view of key performance metrics and quickly adjust center operations resulting in better decision-making, better utilization of resources, better cost management, and improved service levels. Easily establish goals and benchmarks, and monitor key metrics that are critical for your call center performance:

  • Adherence
  • Service levels
  • Answer and abandon metrics
  • Average handle time (AHT)
  • Average speed of answer (ASA)
  • Average talk time (ATT)
  • Forecast accuracy
  • Labor costs and staffing
  • Shrinkage and absenteeism

Monet Metrics' real-time alerts provide critical performance data at any time and allow you to quickly adjust parameters such as forecasts, schedules and staffing, or to automatically trigger other events.

Discover new ways to improve productivity, service quality and customer satisfaction

Monet Software call center performance metrics automatically collects and presents real-time and historical performance data at agent, group and center level. Key performance indicators, scheduling information and service level indicators can be distributed to call center employees through web-based consolidated reporting, giving them the information to help them do a better job. Free up time for supervisors and managers to focus on working with agents, coaching, training and planning, instead of collecting data – all resulting in better service to your customers.

Now, call centers can quickly and easily optimize all aspects of their workforce with one affordable solution, resulting in better utilization of resources, better cost management, and improved service levels.

To learn more about Monet Metrics please watch a demo or contact us for a live demo

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