Opti-Channel – Is It the Next Big Thing at Contact Centers?

You know about multi-channel and omnichannel. But have you heard about opti-channel? It’s a new way for contact centers to become more customer-centric.

Where omnichannel presents customers with an array of communication options, opti-channel goes one step further, by attempting to anticipate which channel a customer prefers for specific activities, and then expediting their interactions once they arrive.

The concept is now being utilized primarily by marketing teams, who work to pinpoint which type of offers are most likely to generate a response, and which communication method will get that offer noticed. For some it will be email; for other social media; for others push notifications on apps.

But that same strategy can make a contact center more efficient. Instead of offering more channels and integrating them, opti-channel delivers clear guidance to preferred channels.

How your call center uses this opti-channel strategy will be dependent on how well you know your customers.

A workforce optimization solution can deliver the information to help companies synchronize their communication offerings. The historical data gathered by WFO can, for example, let a manager know that “Bill” has started three conversations via online chat, but bailed out on all of them before resolving his issue. If he tries a fourth time, the agent managing chat can step in sooner and move that conversation to another channel to avoid a fifth frustrating outcome.

Even with this data, however, it might be a good idea to reach out to your customers through surveys and focus groups to find out more about the customer journey.

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