New WFM Report Highlights Social Media

The workforce management market for contact centers continues to grow, as more businesses discover the many advantages in efficiency and performance these solutions provide.

According to one new study, the global WFM market size will increase from $4.49 billion (in 2016) to $7.37 billion in 2023. That averages about 10% growth every year.

One of the reasons for this trend is the increasing role of social media in customer engagement.

When the first workforce management solutions debuted for “call centers,” there was no such thing as Facebook or Twitter. But now almost every company has a presence on these platforms, and should be leveraging them to promote new products and services, and communicate with customers.

How can WFM help? By helping companies create and schedule a social media team based on experience and training. To optimize a company’s social media presence, adequate resources must be made available to do so, to make sure pages are updated, questions are answered, and ongoing communications are having a positive impact on branding and customer loyalty.

Agents should not just be familiar with these platforms, but be well versed on the company’s social media strategy and best practices. As with email and online chat, choose agents with written communication skills, and when a problem arises try to route that customer back to a call-in situation where it might be easier to resolve the situation verbally.

Channel switches are becoming more common, and are not in themselves a problem. For all of its advantages, Facebook is not always effective for such traditional call center functions as handling orders and returns or resolving disputes. Workforce management delivers data on these situations, with call recording to analyze their triggers. If one type of issue recurs frequently, it may inspire a social media post providing information that may prevent more posts and calls in the future.

This is just one example among many on how social media can make your customer communications more efficient. And with WFM, social media can easily be incorporated into a contact center’s forecasting, scheduling and staffing planning process.


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