New Strategies That Work

“Performance management” is something of a catch-all term that incorporates a wide range of management aspects, from planning to developing agent skills, to evaluating performance based on metrics and making adjustments accordingly.

It’s an essential process, and it can be a difficult one without software that tracks and analyzes the performance levels of your contact center team.

It is also a process that benefits from refined tactics and new strategies. If your procedures haven’t been revised in a while, here are six ideas that may be worth trying at your contact center.

1. Weekly Challenges

You pay attention to several KPIs – why not focus on one each week, and challenge your agents to improve performance? Start with first call resolution, for instance, and then move on to average handle time and average speed of answer.

2. An Email After Tough Calls

If a call did not go quite right, send an email to that customer (whether the issue was resolved or not). It’s an easy and free way to reinforce that customer relationship.

3. Brighten Things Up

How does your contact center look? A more appealing, colorful workspace almost always influences agent performance in a positive way.

4. Covert Espionage

Doesn’t that sound like fun? Your agents might enjoy it as well: have them pretend to be customers and call other contact centers to find out how they handle the same challenges you do every day. It’s a great way to measure your performance against the competition.

5. Friendly Competitions

Divide the agents from each shift into two groups – boys against the girls, newcomers against the veterans, fans of opposing sports teams – and have them compete for better performance on specific customer service goals.

6. Daily Team Meetings

A brief meeting every day can bring out for discussion issues that could impact customer service. This is also a good time to share customer feedback from emails or recorded calls.