Motivation of call center agents, employees and workforce

Employee motivation is the most important and probably most challenging management task in a call center – and it has the biggest impact on the overall call center performance and success. There are no simple recipes or easy answers for this. Dependent on your industry, the size of your center, the culture of your company and the people in your company, you need to develop your own plan of action. Here are a few things to consider:

Practice clear communication: What do you expect from agents, how is performance measured, etc.

Include agents into problem solving: Share reports and metrics with employees and discuss issues/improvements

Recognition of employees: Publicly and individually recognize employees as a valued member of the organization

Make employees more knowledgeable: Develop your employees’ skills through training and coaching

Build confidence: Provide necessary training and coaching, give feedback that helps them grow

Teams: Create teams that work “well” together

Good infrastructure: Make sure that office, chairs, headsets, and other infrastructure etc. are functional and provide a positive experience

Flexible schedules: Start- and end-time flexibility can be a win-win for the employees and the call center performance

Good resource planning: Accurate forecasting and scheduling helps reduce stress

Lead by example: Actions instead of words and mission statements

But how do you find out what’s important for your call center? Just listen do your agents, ask specific questions, and listen again.