More Effective Call Center Quality Management – Seven Strategies

Call center quality assurance (QA) and quality management (QM) is, for many call centers, an objective that is easier said than done. But it is an objective that must be met to meet customer service goals. 

Here are 7 strategies that will help a call center achieve its quality assurance goals. For more information, download our Quality Assurance white paper

Define Quality Assurance Objectives 
Quality assurance can only be attained if “quality” is specifically defined, and that standard is effectively communicated to agents and management. Start by establishing thresholds for every aspect of your customer service method, and review the call center’s current status in these and other areas. 

Keep the Lines of Communication Open 
Open communication between managers, agents and coaching/training personnel expedites the call center quality assurance process. 

Let Your Software Do the Work
The sooner you can turn over the processes of quality assurance to the tools, templates, triggers and programs available for that function, the sooner you’ll have reliable data that will help determine where you’re at, where you need to be, and how to get there. 

Unification and Integration
Are call center personnel and quality assurance technology working toward the same goals? Once you have your road map to QA success, make sure all of the tools at your disposal are deployed in a way that can get you to your destination as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Real-Time Monitoring
Quality assurance is impossible without reliable, real-time quality monitoring that incorporates alerts, dashboards and key performance indicators (KPI). Challenges are inevitable, but when they are quickly discovered they can be corrected before they can become an issue.

Healthy Agent Competition
One way to track QA progress is through scoring calls and ranking agents on performance. 

Establish Long-Term Guidelines
While QA helps to fix short-term issues, it should also be established and utilized to track and report on long-term trends and improvement. This is a process that should begin at the hiring stage, by selecting the new employees most likely to contribute to the quality mindset of the call center.