Monet’s Ciarlo Offers Advice on How to Recognize the True Cloud

July 22, 2014 – By Paula BernierExecutive Editor, TMC

The popularization of the term cloud has led some companies to rebrand existing products and service as cloud solutions without actually ensuring those offerings are true cloud solutions.

This warning comes from Chuck Ciarlo, founder and CEO of Monet Software.

That’s frustrating to both Monet, which Ciarlo says has dedicated a lot of time, effort, and expense to provide a true cloud solution, and to organizations that are seeking cloud solutions but may have a hard time discerning what is and is not a true cloud offering – until, that is, they’ve invested in it and it’s too late.

True cloud solutions, says Ciarlo, are based on a distributed delivery model, allow for frequent updates, are able to be delivered with guaranteed service levels and up times, are multi-tenant and not managed per instance, and are scalable. These are capabilities not found in client-server products that are simply pushed up to a hosted facility the vendor controls but lack virtualization and scalability, he says.

Companies seeking cloud-based solutions related to the contact center, Ciarlo recommends, should perform due diligence on vendors they’re considering by looking at the history of those suppliers’ history of uptime, checking if those vendors guarantee service level, and ensuring those vendors are running their services out of an elastic and high-performance data center.

“These are really critical questions they should be asking when they buy,” says Ciarlo.

Monet Software has been a pioneering force in the area of cloud-based workforce management for more than a decade, providing call center customers with software that is sophisticated, uncomplicated, and affordable. And, like the French impressionist painter after which the company is named, Monet Software continues to evolve and expand its portfolio.

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