Monet Software Honored for Contact Center Innovation by Customer Magazine

What is innovation? For call centers, it’s a new and more efficient way of doing business. And to the readers for TMC’s Customer magazine, innovation is what makes Monet WFO Live a preferred workforce optimization solution. For the second year in a row, WFO Live has been selected as a Product of the Year Award winner. “We are very excited and proud that Monet WFO Live has been recognized as Product of the Year for exceptional innovation,” said Chuck Ciarlo, CEO at Monet Software.

“Monet WFO Live sets a new standard for call center management by unifying and connecting forecasting, scheduling, agent skills, call quality, performance management and compliance into one powerful solution to better meet customer needs and deliver more effective customer service.” This is innovation that really makes a difference in the day-to-day call center operation. WFO Live delivers easy access to cross-functional data, so teams work more unified and more effectively on shared objectives.

They will also be equipped with more detailed call center insights, metrics and alerts, which both expedite and improve decision-making. News of the award has already reached the millions who read Customer magazine and visit the TMC website; for those in the call center industry now planning a costly integration project, discovering the centralized administration benefits of Monet’s cloud-based WFO Live will save time and reduce costs. Want to see what true innovation looks like? Find out more about Monet WFO Live here. To learn more about the CUSTOMER 2014 Product of the Year Awards visit