Metrics that Matter in your Contact Center

Do you know what metrics are most important for your contact center? While every business is different, these are the KPIs that are likely on your list:

  • Average Handle Time
  • Calls per Hour
  • First Call Resolution
  • Abandoned Calls
  • Average Wait Time
  • Completion Rate
  • Forecasted Call Load vs. Actual
  • Scheduled Staff vs. Actual
  • Waiting Calls

Average Call Value Knowing what to monitor is a good first step. But obtaining the necessary metrics and reports on these KPIs, while there is still time to improve them, is even more important. Effective monitoring requires a workforce optimization solution that delivers operational data, preferably in real time. The more information you receive – KPIs, scorecards, alerts, dashboards, reports – the better equipped you will be to take effective action to better meet the customer service goals of the contact center. No wonder so many contact centers have adopted WFM solutions from Monet. Our systems are designed to optimize the utilization of your resources, which makes all the difference in improving service levels, making forecasts and schedules more efficient, and lowering costs.