Managing Younger Agents in Call Centers

managing young call center agentsThese young adults today – if you’ve ever said that about the younger agents hired for your call center, you’re not alone. But while the so-called Generation Y come with their own management challenges, they also have a number of positive attributes, as described in this article in Contact Professional. Sure, the Gen Y workforce is more accustomed to informal communication between management and employees, and many won’t understand the concept of company loyalty if a better opportunity comes along. But they’re smart, they take feedback well, and may be highly motivated to succeed, even if they look upon your call center as a stepping stone to future endeavors. The article provides four tips for engaging Gen Y, but all of them are equally appropriate to agents of any age:

  • Two-Way Communication
  • Frequent Feedback and Coaching
  • Balancing Work and Life
  • Position Growth/Development

All of these goals are also easier achieved with a workforce management solution.

  • The metrics provided on call center goals and employee performance provides the substance of communication.
  • Call recordings can improve coaching sessions.
  • Scheduling can make it easier for Gen Y agents to achieve their desired work/life balance, perhaps even through working from home.
  • As call centers become contact centers, agents can be trained in new customer engagement areas, from webchat to email, thus expanding their skill set and moving them forward on their professional journey.

And if these techniques work for your Gen Y workforce, go ahead and try them on those “over-the-hill” 30- and 40-somethings in your center. They’ll appreciate the extra attention as well.