Managing Webchat in Contact Centers

At a time when all of us rarely go out or even walk around our home without a telephone in hand, it’s hard to believe that the “call” aspect in call centers is now being challenged by webchat as a preferred outlet for placing orders and other basic services. This article Call Center Helper offers information on how to incorporate webchat into your contact center in a way that provides those customers with the same level of service they would receive via telephone.

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Should Webchat Replace Calls? It will never do so altogether, but as webchats increase, call volumes should go down. There seems no end to our continued reliance on online communication, particularly for those under the age of 25. So if you have yet to make special allowances for webchat communication, the time to do so is now. Approach webchat the same way you approached phone calls when the call center opened, by establishing best practices, preferred communication procedures and goals for first contact resolution. Unlike telephone engagements, webchat is a customer contact that can be engaged by the contact center agent, so make sure agents are trained in when and how to reach out to customers. Ultimately, what will make your webchat strategy soar is meticulous planning, which can be greatly aided by workforce management software, and all of the automated solutions you may already be using for traditional call center contacts. Once customers come to rely on webchat, they won’t want to be kept waiting any more than a caller placed on hold. Forecasting based on webchat patterns should be reviewed and used for agent scheduling. A multi-channel workforce management strategy can keep your customer satisfaction levels high no matter how they reach you.