Make Multiple Call Center Locations more Efficient with Unified Call Recording

Two or more call centers means multiple management teams and separate teams of agents, but goals and best practices that must remain consistent throughout the company. It is easier to achieve this objective with a unified call recording system – a centralized platform for managing call recording, as well as monitoring quality management, simplifies procedures and streamlines operations. 

The cloud-based call recording model offers several advantages over traditional call center call recording software when more than one call center or even home agents are involved. 
Since call monitoring, recording and analysis data is done “in the cloud,” it can be accessed independent of location. So the same information can be retrieved at any call center workstation, as well as on mobile devices away from the office. 

With more companies hiring telecommuting employees, or working out of their home part-time, that flexibility can be invaluable as the industry continues to evolve. There may also be instances of agents transferring from one call center to another – when that happens, there will be no learning curve or adjustment to a new technology. The agent can be productive from day one. 

Multi-site recording systems should provide full recording and monitoring functionality, as well as instant retrieval of any files, whether from local or networked storage systems. With a cloud-based system, storage is never an issue. Whether there are two call centers or fifty in a network, all calls and customer interactions can be unified within one system. 

Installation is simpler as well. Where in the past there would be a need to set up remote call recording systems and tie them together, the cloud-based system can be implemented more quickly, and with a lower investment cost in equipment. It’s also more environmentally friendly, as fewer machines mean less of a power drain – and that’s another monthly savings.

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