Live Call Monitoring or Selective Call Recording?

Which is better, live call monitoring or reviews of recorded calls?

Both have their merits and provide teaching moment opportunities for agents, and insight into how to improve call center efficiency. That was the consensus of a post on the ORECX call recording blog which polled call centers and other types of industries about the relative benefits of each practice.

One of the respondents expressed a preference for call recordings, as they can be evaluated more quickly. Listen to the call; point out what was done right and what was done wrong, and move on to the next one. With live monitoring, some calls will not provide material for any improvement, and it might take awhile before observing a customer interaction that pays dividends.

However, there were also those who believed that live calls were the more valuable teaching tool. Yes, they require more of a time investment than sitting in your office and listening to recorded calls. But when the review process can begin immediately after the call is over, the engagement is fresh in the agent’s mind and the feedback will have more impact.

Plus, as this respondent observed, “If you wait and listen to recorded calls how many calls could the agent handle incorrectly after that?”

If your call center is doing one of these but not the other, this might be a good time to consider fighting the never-ending battle for better customer service on both fronts. Modern call recording solution offers both capabilities, live monitoring and call recording, so you can use whatever is more appropriate for the respective situation.