Learn Something New About Forecasting and Scheduling

Have you considered making a final break from spreadsheets, and incorporating a sophisticated workforce management solution into your contact center? If so, what is holding you back? For many, it may be a concern that WFM is too complicated, too difficult to install, too confusing to use. But what if we could prove that wasn’t the case?Check out the short videos below, each of which covers a specific challenge faced by every call center, and explains how workforce management software makes that challenge much easier to manage. You’ll see how the software works, and how simple it is to collect the data you need to keep your call center running at optimum efficiency.

Forecasting and Scheduling Demo Center

The videos cover the following topics: Accurate ForecastingWith WFM you’ll have monthly and weekly stats to review, plus daily and hourly numbers. You can even examine work periods as short as 15 minutes. By reviewing past activity, you’ll have a much better idea of how to predict future needs. Efficient SchedulingConfident scheduling comes from the knowledge that the right people are in the right places at the right times. Find out how WFM makes this task easier. Effective StaffingDiscover how WFM optimizes scheduling for all necessary factors, including agent skill sets, staff availability, holidays, breaks and service levels. Intra-Day ManagementScheduling an agent for a shift is not enough – WFM also provides a graphical display of variances in agents’ schedules during the workday for breaks, lunch and other exceptions. Exception PlanningFind out how the integrated exception calendar simplifies the scheduling of agent exceptions for training, time off and other variables.Interactive DashboardsWatch how WFM provides actionable insights on all agent activities through dashboards, key performance indicators and real-time alerts.