Learn Something New About Call Recording and Call Center Metrics

It’s an old adage that still has value – show, not tell. While we’ve often described the benefits of Monet solutions in blogs and throughout this website, it may be more effective to illustrate how they work through videos and demonstrations. If you’ve always wanted to see these products in action, now you can.

The links below will take you to our video archives, which include demos of the following products. 

Call Recording and Monitoring
How does call recording improve customer service? What does it mean for your training programs? And how easy is it to incorporate call recording into your current call center technology? This video will show you why call recording has evolved from a luxury to a necessity. You’ll also discover how Monet Recording’s tagging system is the best way for agents and managers to find recordings quickly and easily among hundreds of thousands of logged interactions.  

Performance Management and Agent AnalyticThis short video on performance management challenges shows how Monet Metrics can help you meet your call center goals more quickly. Discover how key performance indicators (KPIs) are tracked and analyzed, providing valuable data that can be utilized in forecasting and scheduling. Plus, find out how real-time alerts make it easier to adjust schedules as needed to meet changing call patterns or unforeseen circumstances.