Is Call Recording Right for Small Contact Centers?

Some industry stats define a small call or contact center as one with less than 150 agents. However, there are some businesses that may have just 20 or 50 agents working full-time. With a center that scaled down, is there still a need for call recording?

Call Recording for Small Contact Centres

The answer is – absolutely! Even if there were just 5 agents, wouldn’t it be helpful to know that they are performing their jobs correctly, sticking to their scripts and treating your customers right? Isn’t every customer encounter an opportunity to earn loyalty or lose business? Call recording provides several significant benefits for a contact center regardless of size or number of agents:

  • Improved Agent Performance
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Improved Training
  • Improved Legal Protection

However, smaller call centers may not think they have the budget for a call recording solution. When a significant hardware and software investment was required for this technology, this may indeed have been the case. Not anymore. Call Recording in the Cloud Cloud computing offers companies the option of transferring their IT operations into a virtual environment, where they pay only for the time and capacity that they need based on a subscription model. For a smaller call center, this means the ability to significantly lower upfront investment and costs, while maintaining the option of scaling up as needed. Please take a moment and watch this call recording solution video to see how a web-based recording solution can quickly benefit even a smaller contact center. So no matter how many agents a contact center employs, each one of them, as well as their managers, would benefit greatly from a call recording solution.