Is Call Quality Scoring on your Holiday Wish List?

Do you have call recording in place at your contact center? Great. You’ve already discovered the multitude of benefits it provides so there’s no need to list them here again. But does your call recording solution also support integrated call scoring? If not, the call center has not been reaping all of the dividends of this important technology, including those that encompass quality management, agent performance and training.

Call scoring requires a cooperative effort among managers, agents and even customers (through feedback and survey results) to determine what elements are important in each customer engagement, and how each effort should be scored.Once you have chosen the standards that work best for your call center, a unified call recording/call scoring Workforce Optimization solution will automate the review and evaluation process. That means faster results, more accurate results in the form of reports and statistics, and a reliable blueprint for necessary revisions and updates based on the data provided.

Call Scoring and Training

Call scoring provides a means to turbo-charge your training efforts that already incorporate recorded calls. Scoring furnishes a means to identify the weakest areas of agent performance, and combined with a review of call recordings paints a more precise picture of where agents need to improve, and the steps necessary to get there. Please get our whitepaper about quality management to learn more about call scoring and to improve performance almost immediately.