Investing Wisely in the Digital Transformation of Contact Centers

The digital transformation is already well underway at contact centers. However, adding channels and options for customers also adds to the company budget, so the key is to pursue solutions that accomplish at least one of two objectives:

  1. Improve the customer experience
  2. Generate customer data that will impact future marketing, sales and outreach efforts

That first objective is achieved by offering the communication channels customers prefer, whether that is online chat, email or social media. Doing so carries the added benefit of reducing live agent call volume, which can also reduce staffing costs. Contact centers may also believe they are helping customers by “qualifying” them through a series of recorded questions and responses, that ultimately route their call to the agent best qualified to handle each query. However, this process may prove more frustrating than helpful. Customer reactions to an IVR tend to be more negative than positive.If you must use an IVR, make sure it is designed with the following features:

  • Brevity – do messages get customers to their destination as quickly as possible – or do they delay that journey with long marketing pitches?
  • Clarity – Are the menu options clear? Do they cover all reasonable possibilities?
  • Inclusion – Are recorded messages available in more than one language?

The second objective – generating beneficial customer data – can be achieved by linking your IVR to speech analytics. Every call that comes in is a valuable source of data. Contact centers have long understood this and try to mine the elements from each conversation deemed most relevant to company performance and customer service. Speech analytics allows this analysis to go deeper than ever before. Managers will gain more insight into the effectiveness of agent scripts, by the reactions customers provide with their words and the emotional nuances that sometimes suggest more than what they’re actually saying. The digital transformation of contact centers will certainly continue into 2018 and beyond. Investing wisely in the myriad options available can deliver ROI faster while providing customers with the convenience they prefer.

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