Interactive Dashboards for Pro-active Call Center Management with Monet WFM

Watch how Monet’s graphical display lets call center managers and supervisors drag and drop breaks, lunches and other changes to make updates to schedules and staffing in real-time.

Graphical Schedule of call center activities with Monet WFM – Transcript

Watch call center activities through a color-coded dashboard

The Monet Workforce Management solution allows the supervisor to graphically display and control the center’s daily activities. Shown here in a graphical format are the days planned activities and schedules.

The different colors can be seen on the schedule indicate various states that the agents will be in at different stages throughout the day. By minimizing the legend you can see that this continues on a 15 minute basis throughout the entire day. Above the agents names listed on the left is the agent availability verse requirement summation.

Change schedules and roster with simple drag-and-drop

Also summarized at any given time are the total agents on lunch, breaks, and exceptions. The graphical roster also gives the supervisors and managers the ability to drag and drop breaks and lunches or any other non-call related activity. The agent availability verse requirement calculations at the top will change dynamically.

Another useful feature is for dynamic exceptions to be added throughout the day. In this case, we will go ahead and add an exception to Mr. Clark’s schedule. Using our intuitive clock interface, we select the details of the exception. Once we click Apply, the exception appears on Mr. Clark’s schedule and the availability and requirement calculations are also updated at the top of the screen. All this information is automatically added to the employee record so that any time later the manager can obtain a full report on all the exceptions, changes and deletions to the call center schedules.

In this manner a call center manager can add, change and delete daily schedules to stay abreast and document all the exceptions that occur in the contact center environment.

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