We offer out-of-the-box integrations with over 60 cloud and on-premise Contact Center Infrastructure (CCI) and telephony systems (ACD), allowing businesses to choose the ACD system that is best for them.


Verint Monet Software makes integrating with your CCI/ACD system easy and fast through pre-built adaptors. We will work with all major CCI or ACD phone systems, allowing the WFM software and CCI/ACD to talk to each other, in real time. Both real-time adherence and call history are easily enabled through our contact center infrastructure software integration with an ACD system.


If your call center decides to change or upgrade its ACD telephony system, there is no reason to lose any of the service and efficiency benefits provided by Verint Monet’s call center workforce management software.

We Integrate With More Than 65 Cloud and Premise ACDs

With Verint Monet WFM you can choose the ACD system that is best for your business, and keep the WFM solution that boosts productivity while reducing your call center costs.

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“After having Monet, we can never go back.”

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“Our quality and service levels are averaging in the top 97% tier.“

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“We are already abandoning almost 2,000 less calls than a year ago.”

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