Amazon Connect + Verint Monet Software

Cloud Scheduling and Forecasting Solution for Contact Centers Using Amazon Connect

Verint Monet Software is a workforce management solution that handles scheduling and forecasting in contact centers, and it seamlessly integrates with Amazon Connect.

Verint Monet’s cloud-based call center solution for Amazon Connect delivers value to your entire contact center operation, helping improve service levels and reduce costs while improving employee morale through more predictable, flexible and efficient scheduling and staffing.

This integration with Amazon call center software is available for customers with various call center size across all industries and across all geographies.

Verint Monet Software runs on AWS and is a technology partner of the AWS Partner Network.

Key Features

Real-Time Adherence
Exception Planning
Intra-Day Management
Agent/Supervisor Portal

Run simulations to calculate a precise forecast for future call volume, agent requirements and average handle time for any time interval of the day, based on historical data from ACD.

Verint Monet Software’s advanced scheduling engine incorporates all call types and other activities to generate staffing schedules that optimize a wide range of factors, including agent availability, work rules, skills, holidays, breaks, service levels, and center budgets.

Compares planned agent activity to actual activities throughout the day, as well as real-time views of forecasted and actual call volumes, handle times and other key performance indicators.

The integrated exception calendar simplifies scheduling of agent exceptions such as time off and one-time or recurring training meetings.

A graphical display of agents’ schedules can be manipulated by dragging and dropping breaks and other exceptions. Real-time updates can be made to required and assigned agents instantly.

Keep your best agents longer by providing them access to easier shift bidding and swapping, as well as improved agent-supervisor communication.


Key Differentiators 

  • True AWS Cloud Solution: Verint Monet WFM was designed from the ground up to run on multiple AWS availability zones and adhere to best practices from AWS for the highest level of security and availability
  • Native integration to Amazon Connect: Verint Monet has been developing out of the box integrations for many years and is committed to continuous innovation in our cloud AWS offering to enable businesses to elevate their customer experience
  • Affordability: Our solution is cost efficient and delivers faster ROI


Benefits for the Contact Center

Maximize Revenue and Satisfaction

Increase Service Levels

Achieve Better Cost Management

Optimize the Utilization of Resources

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