Integrate Call Center Training and Quality Assurance for Better Performance

Quick – what are some of the most important goals of your quality assurance effort in your contact center?

  • Improve agent performance
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Use collected data to enhance call center efficiency
  • Boost productivity

That sounds about right. Now, what are some of the most important goals of agent training? Chances are you’ll see many of the same items on both lists. So why do some call centers have training teams and quality assurance teams that rarely talk to each other? It doesn’t make sense for two entities within a business to strive toward the same objective without working together. A weekly or monthly meeting would provide an opportunity for teams to set joint goals and create plans to achieve them. Need to reduce protracted calls? Call recording, which plays a key role in quality assurance, will provide examples of these calls. The quality assurance team can study them to figure out how they can be wrapped up more efficiently and result in a satisfied customer. The role of the agent is critical here, so the training team can pick up on the QA results and coach agents on where they might need to change their approach. 
This is just one example of how cooperation between QA and training can result in higher customer service standards.