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The Road to a More Efficient Insurance Contact Center Starts Here

Forecasting and scheduling are vital components in the success of every call center, particularly in the insurance industry where customers may be in emergency situations and expect to speak to an agent quickly.

Achieving consistent customer service is impossible without reliable data. For decades, that data was gathered through spreadsheets and would take hours to compile. Even then the results were not always accurate, or flexible enough to accommodate last minute changes or other staffing issues.

As this is a topic that strikes at the very heart of contact center efficiency, Verint Monet has created a whitepaper that describes how an automated agent productivity software can help an insurance contact center achieve best practices in forecasting, scheduling, adherence tracking and agent productivity.

Our new whitepaper for the Insurance Industry is just one resource available free from Verint Monet. We have also written informative workforce management solution blogs on a wide range of topics and issues related to WFM for the Insurance Industry. You can also check out our workforce management software demos on the benefits of a WFM solution for the Insurance Industry to become more familiar with how Verint Monet Software can make your contact center more productive.

Download Call Center Forecasting and Scheduling Best Practices for the Insurance Industry

Perhaps this is the year your contact center will make the investment in a workforce optimization (WFO) system. But how do you know which system is right for you?

Don’t invest in insurance contact center software without downloading our whitepaper Forecasting and Scheduling Best Practices for the Insurance Industry. It’s free!

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