Insights From The Best Call Center Agent of 2013

If every call center were staffed with agents like Noe Vazquez, managers and customers would be very happy. Vazquez, who works at North American Bancard, was the recipient of the 2013 Best Call Center Agent award and shared some of his success in an interview with ICMI. A call center agent since 2002, Vazquez attributes his success to personality and passion. “My strategy is very simple; be myself, listen to the customers, and reply to them with real, unscripted answers.” His advice to new call center agents is to take one call at a time, which sounds simple but is easier said than done. The emotional impact of a bad call can carry over into the next call if an agent cannot “reset” his or her emotions. [more] How can you find agents like Noe for your call center? Since personality is one of those attributes that cannot be taught, look for agents that show a lot of it during the hiring and interview process. And when you have an agent that relates well to each customer, allow him or her the flexibility to go off-script as needed. Finally, provide agents with the tools that make their jobs easier. That starts with call recording software so they can review their own performance. Workforce management software is also beneficial for schedule flexibility and agent shift swapping, while also collecting feedback that can improve both agent performance and call center efficiency.